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A low-risk non-invasive business automation software platform, driving higher-level functions from task automation to orchestration to intelligence, enabling predictive insights, guided recommendations, processing mining, and adaptive decision making, linking front and back office, bringing people, process, technology, and data together to optimise human potential.


Simply, hyper-automation is an integrated toolkit that enables organisations to follow a holistic digital-first approach, automating as many business processes as possible – scaling robotic process automation (RPA) beyond simple process automation. 

It exploits multiple digital technologies to attain end-to-end multi-layered process automation, augmenting the human workforce to improve individual and organisational productivity. A platform to drive long-term value across all aspects of the business and a powerful force in operational excellence and process optimisation.


People are your most valuable asset; hyper-automation release your people from mundane tasks to undertake more meaningful, stimulating and value-adding activities. Alongside the efficiency and employee satisfaction improvements, hyper-automation also supports improved data security, improved governance, and increased customer satisfaction.

RPA enables automation of structured information from legacy, third-party and web application; however, struggles with unstructured data that is not digitised. Hyper-automation combines artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing with RPA and intelligent document capture and processing. Exploiting technology to attain end-to-end human-bot orchestrated process automation, capturing and classifying information for different document types and extracting the required data to feed the downstream processes.


Hyper-automation is here to stay and will be a driving force in office automation in the years to come. Continuous improvement and governance of implementations are required to maximise value from hyper-automation. 

It takes strategy, vision and innovation to tap into the potential of hyper-automation.  Helping you on your journey.

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