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Our Approach

Our operating model methodology combines your teams’ expertise with our strategic operating model design, ensuring that the project delivers long term sustainable transformational change for your organisation. 

Working with you through a structured approach delivering an operating model aligned with your strategic goals. A structured engagement providing key decision/review points. 

Phase 1 - Mobilise

discovery & planning

  • Establishes the scope, project team, stakeholder analysis and management, high-level plan, business case, resource (financial & people) requirements and governance.

  • Clarify the vision and strategic goals the operating model is to deliver. If required, work with you to define the strategic ambition at the outset.

Phase 2 - Insight

current state 

  • In conjunction with your teams, build a detailed view of your current operating model, identifying any current pain points, duplication, wastage etc.

Phase 3 - Ideation

innovate for the future

  • Bringing together your strategic ambition and your multiple stakeholder groups' wants and needs, work with your team to combine these, undertake gap analysis, and identify opportunities to simplify, align and optimise operations.

Phase 4 - Design

future state ‘To Be’ operating model options 

  • Build out the options based on the information and data collected in the first three phases.  

  • Identify the recommended option and high-level route map to transform the operating model. 

  • A detailed design and transition plan establish the process, priorities, resources and metrics  to deliver and monitor the agreed option.

Phase 5 - Delivery

initiative implementation

  • This phase turns the operating model into reality by establishing and delivering the initiatives required to transform and embed the new operating model.  Partnering with your teams to support the organisation to make the changes operational and sustainable.

Phase 6 - Sustain

control & reinforce

  • Establish the operational excellence deployment review process, the review and decision making forums, key inputs/outputs and frequencies

  • Establish the method by which objectives, metrics and initiatives are reviewed and improved.

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