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Our Approach

Engagements follow a structured end-to-end approach with key decision/review points to embed agreed outcomes within your business.  Our phased approach supports agile, waterfall and hybrid delivery models. 

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Phase 1 – Mobilise – discovery & planning

The initial phase establishes the scope, project team, stakeholder analysis and management, high-level plan, business case, resources (financial & people) and governance.

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Phase 2 – Insight – current state

Establishing the current operational model, processes and understanding of its performance, value-add and customer expectations.

Phase 3 - Ideation - innovate for the future

Learn fast and learn often. Multiple stakeholder groups engaging in the generation of service/product future options with or without the constraints of the past.


Phase 4 - Design – future state

Re-designing customer experience, business processes and operational capabilities on the approved recommendations from the Insight and Ideation phases.

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Phase 5 - Deliver – initiative implementation

Planning and implementation of iterative transformation. Ideation feedback and ongoing monitoring.  May incorporate a pilot phase before operational environment rollout.


Phase 6 - Sustain - control & reinforce

Ensuring that all delivered initiatives are sustainable, integrate seamlessly with the operational environment and, that there are the capability and culture of continuous improvement to adapt to the ever-changing future.

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